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Summary0009447: createTrayNotification not working for Windows 10

function createTrayNotification doesn't pop out notification text in balloon when client runs Windows 10. Only on Windows XP, 7 and 8.1 it works.

The MTA app icon will appear in the taskbar without showing any dialogue, when the function is triggered including a notification text that's supposed to show.

Additional Information

I contacted Necktrox about the issue and he told me it's a fact on Win10 it doesn't work, and

I couldn't find the cause of the issue, because down to calling the Windows functions everything seems to work.

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2016-10-29 23:32

updater   ~~0025358

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It was nowhere mentioned in the PR that Windows 10 wasn't supported by the function or that it had issues, so it's possible unknowingly a half-working feature was introduced to 1.5.3 (you could call it half work or not feeling a need to research it further when an OS doesn't seem to let it work)

I would call for someone to further debug it, and if it doesn't result in a fix, evaluate if we still want a function present that doesn't work for Windows 10 users. If yes, update the function Wiki (windows 10 not supported) and advise about it on Known Issues FAQ.

Implementation PR:


2016-11-12 18:40

updater   ~~0025380

I doubt if the PR would've even been merged with the knownledge Windows 10 was incompatible with it.
Any input? or Jusonex, have you been told that before you evaluated it?


2016-11-12 18:44

administrator   ~~0025381

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In my original testing the PR worked fine on my system (runs Windows 10). Can we see the code you're using to test this feature?


2016-11-12 18:45

administrator   ~~0025382

Also, we noticed it occurs in release builds only.


2016-11-12 18:51

updater   ~~0025383

I just added the issue on func wiki for now,
but yes Jusonex as Necktrox explained it worked fine for debug builds, weird enough.

and qaisjp, not anything you write will make it work on Win 10, just try this f.e
createTrayNotification( "Hello World" )


2016-11-12 19:09

administrator   ~~0025384

But you are using it with a timer, right?


2016-11-12 19:46

updater   ~~0025385

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Yes, both that and when already minimized. It's simple, that code which works fine on < Win 10 does not on Windows 10. Vice versa, run the given code on debug build with like a timer also, and will work.

Also checked/enabled all win10 settings that sort permissions of which app can display notifications, to no avail.
Also qaisjp the bug's existence was confirmed several times like by Necktrox and Jusonex encountering it on release builds only (see his comment) and Necktrox said the same.
It's just impossible to make it work on Win 10, you can try whatever, with a timer or just already minimized when you start resource.

So it's now about finding out why debug builds aren't breaking the whole function for Win 10, and release builds do. Maybe related to the compiler or what?


2017-02-15 13:32

viewer   ~~0025673

Yeah, doesn't work. I noticed that it works on Windows 10 pre-release, but on the latest - nope.


2017-05-30 07:59

updater   ~~0026000

Re-tested with Win10 build 15063.0 (Redstone) and issue still present.


2017-05-30 11:55

administrator   ~~0026001

We figured out that the problem was the main GTA window is not 100% unicode compatible.
Solutions are:
a) Use non-unicode tray notifications
b) Hook GTA to create main unicode window at startup (might not be possible)
c) Create an extra hidden unicode window to use for tray notifications


2017-05-31 22:29

administrator   ~~0026003

Isn't a dummy window created to handle non-blocking window drags? Maybe that window could be used to create notifications?


2018-09-24 21:07

manager   ~~0027071

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