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0009178Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasClientpublic2018-06-05 00:53
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Summary0009178: unbindKey not working properly

Function unbindKey works properly only until you bind the same command (function) again to another key.

Test script result:
Both keys ("1", "2") will call "test2" command.
PS: The same result on the server-side.

Steps To Reproduce

Test script (runcode, client-side):

addCommandHandler("test2", function() outputDebugString("test") end)
bindKey("1", "down", "test2")
unbindKey("1", "down", "test2")
bindKey("2", "down", "test2")
end, 50, 1)

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2016-03-08 20:10

administrator   ~~0024514

What's going on with the timers there?


2016-09-29 01:26

viewer   ~~0025255

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image for simplified illustration:

All binds with the self command would be unbinded, also these from other keys.
If you bind the same command again (to same key or different) all binds are back, also the unbinded one.

But looking on the picture is easier.


2018-02-15 16:32

manager   ~~0026430

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Confirmed and only need:

addCommandHandler("test2", function() outputChatBox("test") end)
bindKey("1", "down", "test2")
unbindKey("1", "down", "test2")
bindKey("2", "down", "test2")

Chatbox better since identical debug spam message is no longer shown in debugscript.


2018-06-04 19:36

reporter   ~~0026549

This utterly bugged key binding HAS to be fixed, its an extreme mess and players+scripters complain about it.
unbindKey pretty much doesnt work at all.


2018-06-04 22:32

administrator   ~~0026550



2018-06-05 00:53

reporter   ~~0026551

Thank you, first tests do actually work but i think more testing is needed in order to verify it working 100%!

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