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0008896Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasScriptingpublic2015-06-26 19:24
Reporter7ZipAssigned Toccw 
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Target Version1.5Fixed in Version1.5 
Summary0008896: [Request] Add the flag "u" in regular expressions

Regular expression functions do not work properly with the russian language.
Please add the flag "u" in functions "pregFind", "pregReplace" and "pregMatch". This should fix the problem.

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If I'm not mistaken, it is in function
void ReadPregFlags( CScriptArgReader& argStream, pcrecpp::RE_Options& pOptions )

Need to call pOptions.set_utf8(true)

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has duplicate 0008898 closedccw New issues Problem with encoding in regular expressions 



2015-06-25 17:05

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2015-06-26 17:25

administrator   ~~0023441

Re-test with latest 1.5 nightly


2015-06-26 17:28

viewer   ~~0023442

Yes, now it works! Thank you very much!

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