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0008707Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasClientpublic2017-06-18 21:34
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Product Version1.5.4 
Target Version1.5.5Fixed in Version 
Summary0008707: Windshield no longer damages properly for remote players firing on it

Since a while it seems if you ''crack'' another player's windshield by firing on it, it shows the crack for a short moment and then seems to fix itself; if you fire rapidly it can even show it splattering out, but then also regenerates the windshield.

Steps To Reproduce

As above; reproducable on several PC's and tested with different latency and random servers, seems to be reproducable only with recent revisions.

Additional Information

I suspect it might be due to the recent vehiclepart state sync fixes.
Can someone confirm if it occurs for them also and how often/different revisions?

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related to 0006196 closedeinheit-101 Some car windows won't break 



2015-01-08 17:58

developer   ~~0022802

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It can be reproduced without remote players - #6196. Also I noticed I can break windshield always for fresh created vehicles but when re-stream car I can't.


2015-01-09 00:42

updater   ~~0022808

lopezloo that's not neccesarily breaking and repairing the glass itself in split moment, it's related but now it happens at all times and not only map-spawned vehicles and since this extended occurance was never seen like this before I think it can be related to the recent vehiclepart state sync commits.

If i'm right at this moment it's impossible to shoot someone's windows fully out... atleast if related to that sync fixes, using both latest server and client I'm also wondering if it gets synced at all, a.e will the driver see the damage if it fixes itself so quickly?

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