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0008653Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasClientpublic2018-09-18 18:51
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Summary0008653: Setting steeringlock to 0 on bikes will mess up the game

If you set steeringlock to 0 on motorcycle it will bug you until respawn, showing your location elsewhere as your ped anim movements on the bike, and turns your ped into weird angles, see video for that. Can only resume playing on respawning, movement can be forced only by melee, (and what's seen in the video)

Steps To Reproduce

1) For example, get an NRG
2) Set steeringlock to 0, easy for repro: hedit
3) Drive awhile and have chance of getting this randomly

Additional Information

I'm unsure if it's limited to bikes/motorcycles as i only tested it on 100% reproduction with NRG now but think so as car i tried didnt cause it after the same amount of seconds driving with steeringlock 0.

Video: (must see to understand)

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2014-11-23 17:10

updater   ~~0022565

On the video, 0:22 shows the bug itself.


2015-07-05 20:08

manager   ~~0023551

Confirmed on an NRG-500 with:

srun setVehicleHandling(getRandomPlayer().vehicle, "steeringLock", 0)


It doesn't happen with 0.001 so should just change 0 to 0.001 during setVehicleHandling.

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