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0008645Source patchesClientpublic2014-12-31 14:40
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Summary0008645: Patch for #6701 ([Request] client-side forcePlayerMap)

It's simple.

Edit: <qaisjp> it doesn't sync with the server

I need to look into making isPlayerMapForced get updated on the server when client function is used.

Edit: I can't find any existing system to use that would do the above as there is no similar client side function that sends a state like this to server and I suppose it's not really necessary but then again this whole patch is not really necessary as scripters can easily get around the server side only limitation.

So it doesn't really matter whether this patch is added or not.

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2014-11-22 01:38

administrator   ~~0022542

Just tested the patch. It works (except server info isn't synced, so forcing on the server and then forcing false on the client will keep the server thinking its forced)


2014-12-01 09:32

administrator   ~~0022624

This patch is OK. The server doesn't need to know this because this happens and stays client-side. All other functions work like this also.


2014-12-27 20:49

administrator   ~~0022733

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