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0008527New Feature Requests[All Projects] Generalpublic2018-09-30 14:28
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Summary0008527: [Request] Ability to modify walking styles movement speeds

If you've ever tried different walking styles you'll notice that over 80% of them run really slow, which makes them useless as no player will pick a walking style that is significantly slower than the default.

Being able to modify the movement speed of different walking styles would mean that we can increase their running speed to match the default running speed which would make walking styles worth using.

It would also allow game modes to do make a walking speed faster for example if the player was on drugs, had practised their sprinting, etc. It would also allow game modes to have slightly slower running speeds for example if the player was injured, hungry, tired, zombified, etc.

I did a run to see the difference:
MOVE_PLAYER (54) - 41 seconds
MOVE_MAN (118) - 66 seconds
Nobody will choose to run 50% slower.

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