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0008217New Feature Requests[All Projects] Generalpublic2018-11-13 22:13
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Summary0008217: [Request] Allow more functions to alter how VoIP works

Give more options apart from setSoundVolume(playerElem, volume)
Ideally, I'd like to see the following functions available to alter/check player VOIP sound data:

  • setSoundPan

  • setSoundEffectEnabled

  • getSoundFFTData

  • getSoundBPM

  • getSoundWaveData

  • getSoundLevelData

Additional Information

These would encourage a better use of VoIP, for example, making it 3D (using Lua)

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2014-05-01 22:54

administrator   ~~0020817

perhaps we could integrate player voip as a special stream, such as playSound("$/InternalPlayerID"), and getPlayerInternalID. Of course we could just allow a player element to be passed through the filename argument


2014-05-02 22:53

viewer   ~~0020824

Yeah - I thought of that too - can't see any issues with making it a stream.


2014-05-04 17:06

reporter   ~~0020839

They do work for voice elements


2014-05-04 17:10

reporter   ~~0020840

Last edited: 2014-05-04 17:12

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I did it here:
Was backported by me here:
should be in 1.3.5 already, in fact it should be in 1.3.1 :P
wiki doesn't have it documented unfortunately, they take a sound element or a voice element.


2014-05-04 21:07

viewer   ~~0020841

oh nice, but I can't see setSoundPan there - is it modified in another revision or not done?


2014-05-05 03:50

reporter   ~~0020842

code is there to handle it, must have not got around to giving it a scripting function.


2014-05-07 18:25

viewer   ~~0020852

is it completed now or what? (not trying to be rude or anything)


2014-05-07 18:28

manager   ~~0020853

No, this will be updated when it is.


2014-06-08 01:07

viewer   ~~0020978

Last edited: 2014-06-08 01:08

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Around how long would this take (setSoundPan thing)? I mean it's just a small addition for the code and it's been a while now since this request was made...


2014-06-25 19:27

viewer   ~~0021109

Any answer please?


2014-06-25 19:31

administrator   ~~0021111

setSoundPan has been added in r6549 (


2014-06-27 23:19

viewer   ~~0021155

thanks, much appreciated.

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