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0007910Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasClientpublic2018-09-02 17:12
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Summary0007910: Servers browser: player list weird problem

When you browse servers, especially popular servers, you won't see all players in the Player list.

This explains it all:

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related to 0006334 closed New Feature Requests Improve the server browser 
has duplicate 0008611 closed New issues Bug In Server Browser with player list 



2013-11-25 23:28

updater   ~~0019716

I can confirm this, it's been here since MTA Developers preview (after something got changed) and never got fixed.


2013-11-25 23:47

manager   ~~0019719

Currently it is limited so that the information fits into 1 network packet. As per ccw, the solution would be to request a full list on server click. We will bounce around ideas though. We may come up with another solution.

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