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0007614Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasServerpublic2014-01-08 07:04
Reporterstar-tRAssigned Toccw 
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Target Version1.3.5Fixed in Version1.3.5 
Summary0007614: rifle has not damage without aim

with bullet_sync=1 rifle has not damage, but other weapons has.

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2013-11-23 10:37

reporter   ~~0019695

sniper rifle has not bullet sync


2013-11-23 13:09

viewer   ~~0019696

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ccw told me in PM "It is hard to enable bullet sync for sniper rifle"

and told me in PM "bullet_sync for sniper rifle might be in MTA SA 1.3.5"

ok , ccw if you can't enable bullet_sync

can you reduce lag in sniper rifle ?


2013-11-23 13:18

manager   ~~0019697

"rifle has not damage"

You mean sniper rifle?


2013-11-23 13:31

viewer   ~~0019698

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@arranTuna , he mean rifle (weapon id 33) has not damage if you shot any ped without aim

and he said sniper rifle (weapon id 34) has not bullet_sync


2013-11-23 15:55

manager   ~~0019699

Why would anybody want to shoot the country rifle without aiming it?


2013-11-23 16:16

viewer   ~~0019700

Why wouldn't they?


2013-11-24 14:27

reporter   ~~0019704

@arranTuna: no, country rifle without aiming has not damage.
but sniper rifle hasn't bullet_sync. i can shooting while "hitanim" animation.


2013-11-24 20:25

updater   ~~0019706

I think the Country rifle has no bullet sync, but that if you enable bullet sync to sync all weapons that are included in the sync, the Country rifle will get bugged as not inflicting any damage on fire-away (not aiming it but just firing)


2013-11-25 08:03

viewer   ~~0019709

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@Dutchman101 , no Country rifle has bullet_sync , but sniper rifle has not bullet_sync


2014-01-05 18:10

reporter   ~~0019939

when? :|


2014-01-08 07:03

administrator   ~~0019950

Fixed in

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