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0007539New Feature Requests[All Projects] Generalpublic2018-09-30 14:28
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Summary0007539: [Request] Ability to toggle not being able to elbow players when shooting

The bug that prevents you from punching players when they're out of the F11 area can actually be useful as it means that when 2 players are aiming their weapons next to each other and firing they won't keep trying to elbow the other player.

In an enclosed area with multiple players shooting stuff, the most frustrating thing is another player standing near you and causing your player to start elbowing instead of shooting. Even with collisions disabled the elbowing still occurs.

So a function like setPedElbowNearbyPeds(thePed, true/false) which would imitate the can't punch bug, but inside the world area would be beneficial.

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2016-08-13 18:43

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Probably setPedPistolWhipEnabled

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