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0007421Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasClientpublic2018-09-16 16:37
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Summary0007421: setVehicleComponentRotation has no effect for some vehicle nodes

setVehicleComponentRotation has no effect if node controlled by GTA:SA.
For example - misc_a in ZR-350 (animated headlights), misc_b in Firetruck with ladder, wheels (wheel_rf_dummy, wheel_lf_dummy and etc).

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related to 0008719 resolvedccw setVehicleComponentRotation in 



2014-05-04 14:14

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2014-06-13 03:07

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I do know about this, it's likely because they are being read from somewhere else

my guess is the model info array.


2015-01-03 08:28

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I need this, too. If its even fixable. I cant rotate any custom dummys/objects in a dff. The ability to rotate them is hardcoded, i found 9 dummys that work and those misc_a, b, c, d and e work on some vehicles.
That means, the statements in this wiki entry:
Are not correct, in fact, component manipulation is VERY limited.

€DIT: Important! This limitation seems to apply ONLY for dummies. I can move AND rotate any 3D object in a vehicle.dff without problems. Dummies are not that important if you can use objects instead so the priority of this issue should be low imho.


2018-09-05 02:41

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How about this PR?


2018-09-06 17:43

reporter   ~~0026983

This PR may be able to manipulate dummy Positions, but it still cannot overwrite dummy rotations (wheels...)

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