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0007168New issuesClientpublic2018-09-13 18:03
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Summary0007168: Voice issues

Parent of all current voice problems.

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parent of 0006418 resolvedTalidan Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas onClientPlayerVoiceStop doesn't always work 
parent of 0006954 closed New issues Voice chat problem 
parent of 0006570 resolvedTalidan Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas Voice chat OFF on client side 
parent of 0006403 closedmyonlake New issues Problems in voice chat. 
parent of 0006478 resolvedTalidan Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas Add an icon near the player that is speaking in voice chat 
parent of 0006361 closedmyonlake New Feature Requests [Request] Add a "Recording device" option 
parent of 0009317 closed Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas Replace libspeex with libopus 
parent of 0008229 closed New Feature Requests [Request] Voice Input & Sound Output in Settings > Audio 
parent of 0008456 closedDutchman101 New issues MTA freezing, related to BASS/voice playback 
parent of 0008860 closed New issues Wrong onClientPlayerVoiceStart/Stop calls 



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