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0007000New issuesServerpublic2012-10-12 17:59
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Summary0007000: [Serverbrowser] Unable to see all players connected

In some big servers you are unable to see what players are connected to a certain server. Instead of showing all 500 (in this case) it only shows a small number and does not load the players below.

Steps To Reproduce

Simply go to the server browser and click a big server. Next, proceed to browse the playerlist and notice not everyone is showing.

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2012-04-09 23:44

viewer   ~~0016447

similar problem when using mta query, only shows about 300 players even there is 500+


2012-04-10 14:11

manager   ~~0016449

It's so we actually appear on the server browser list, which is 1 million times more important than seeing the names of players in game.


2012-04-10 19:28

viewer   ~~0016450

Thanks, but how to get second packet? It is on another port?

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