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0005642Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasServerpublic2018-09-05 17:34
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Summary0005642: Server commands give no explanation or parameters when used

The help command in the server is not very useful. You get a list of commands, but using them will get no response unless you use them successfully.

Problem is, how do people even know what some commands do or what the parameters are for the more obvious ones?

An image of the help command is attached just for reference.

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2010-11-14 19:35

manager   ~~0012154

Tested all the commands and gathered some details for them:

Looking at the amount of commands which did nothing it definitely needs an update.


2010-11-14 20:29

viewer   ~~0012155

  1. info - [Doesn't appear to do anything]

Seems to be wrong. The 'info' command helps you get details about certain resource. For example 'info missiontimer'.


2010-11-15 13:26

viewer   ~~0012157

1, 18 and 5 works fine for me.
Teamsay works, you need to be in a team to start with though.


2010-11-16 16:51

manager   ~~0012161

And you do know that this is server console commands, not client console commands?

teamsay doesn't work because you can not put the console element in a team.

me command showed nothing in server console or ingame so prove that it really does work.

If update does work, then what does it do? I've tried stuff like update admin but all it says "No updates available for admin"


2010-11-16 19:10

viewer   ~~0012162

auch my apologises, it is indeed retarded that client commands are listed in server 'help'

'update' checks for any newly uploaded resources. I haven't had success using this on standalone windows server but works on Linux.


2010-11-17 11:16

administrator   ~~0012163

'update' depends on <update>url</update> being set in the mtaserver.conf


2011-03-08 16:46

manager   ~~0013041

Updated the pastebin:


2011-03-09 08:56

administrator   ~~0013050


2011-06-01 20:19

reporter   ~~0013548

How about '/help <command>' for more information on the command?


2018-09-05 05:20

administrator   ~~0026933

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