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0005639New Feature Requests[All Projects] Generalpublic2018-09-03 17:52
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Summary0005639: [Request] add optional 'dimension' argument to createExplosion

As also reported in the two bug reports above as a problem, an optional argument to supply createExplosion with dimension would be very nice.

It is currently more or less a problem for multipurpose servers, where dimension 0 might be civilised and restricted from weapons while another dimension will be clean havok with rocket launcher, and consequentially interfere with gameplay in dimension 0.

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has duplicate 0007228 closed New issues Dimension selection for createExplosion() 



2010-11-11 20:40

viewer   ~~0012144

Might have forgotten to add, while a dimension argument for createExplosion is what this report is focused on, making explosions behave within the dimensions it were triggered from would be nice too (as in an explosion from a rocket launcher would be in the dimension the player fired it from)


2010-11-28 21:45

viewer   ~~0012208

This would be really useful for createFire() as well.

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