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0005630Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasGUI / Menus / Consolepublic2018-09-05 17:34
ReporterRansomAssigned Toqaisjp 
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Summary0005630: Help command for ingame console is outdated

/me pulls the cobwebs off

Some commands are not present in the console, such as "refresall" which is only mentioned in the server help. However this is useful for scripting... should it remain only in server help?

See the reply below for more details.

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2010-11-07 03:26

administrator   ~~0012125

Even you Ransom could write a patch for this one :)


2010-11-11 22:00

administrator   ~~0012145

I think a message should tell people about the help command when they enter the server... like attach it to the server version like so:

  • Connected! [MTA:SA Server 1.0.4 [Windows]] Type help for commands

For edits to the help menu:

  1. "say" is missing

  2. rephrase vehicle_next_weapon and vehicle_previous_weapon to get rid of the crappy word wrap on the latter

  3. Possibly include a helpserver command to list all the commands the server lists when you type help into its window. There are 35 server help commands!


2010-11-14 03:27

administrator   ~~0012151

Last edited: 2010-11-14 03:32

  1. up/down and tab based chat history are not mentioned.

For example say [tab] runs through old chat, even from previous MTASA sessions.

  1. Remove load command. It has no function and people tell others to use the command to disconnect them.


2011-02-02 04:25

administrator   ~~0012839

It was argued that its unnecessary to show every player a line telling them to do help in console as far as the server commands go... you could only show it to admins that login, with the 'you have successfully logged in' message.

Maybe console can just spit out the client-controllable settings and mention it like so: * Connected! [MTA:SA Server 1.0.4 [Windows]] Check your console for client commands.

Optimally, would be best to just fit as much client 'help' commands into key binds and a preview in the options for things like chat color/scale/etc. IMO

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