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0005200New issuesServerpublic2010-03-03 16:26
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Summary0005200: A player is still considered inside a vehicle if they jump out of a moving one (until done rolling on ground)

When a player exits a moving vehicle, serverside functions (haven't tried clientside) still see the player element as being inside the vehicle up until the rolling on the ground animation has finished. getVehicleOccupant() will still return the player element for the seat they were in. getElementPosition() will still return the same positions for both the player and vehicle elements. isPedInVehicle() returns true for the player element.

Steps To Reproduce

Set the onVehicleDamage serverside event to output debug messages using the functions mentioned above and try jumping out right before a vehicle is about to crash into a wall.

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duplicate of 0004458 resolvedIJs Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas isPedInVehicle delay 


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