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0004684Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasOptionalpublic2010-02-02 02:18
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Summary0004684: Request: Add a better pan/balance calculation for the 3D sound

Pls use a better calculation than the current one. It seems you heard the sound only right although you are looking ca 15° right away from the sound source. I think this is much too less.

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I tried to use a angle based calculation instead of the crossproduct which is used atm, but it seems that my calculation fails. The reason for this can be that i dont know how normalizing vectors worked.

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2009-07-19 12:30

administrator   ~~0010027

Ideally the sound engine would be replaced entirely. The one we are currently using (Irrklang) has its own 3D sound implementation, but using this apparently caused sound problems for some people - therefore we switched to regular sounds with manually calculated volume and pan. It would be better to find another sound engine with properly working 3D sound than trying to perfect our custom calculation.

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