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0004459New issuesClientpublic2014-11-24 16:09
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Summary0004459: guiGridListSetItemData is reset when guiGridListSetItemText is called after it on the same column


Setting data first, then setting text (on the same column):
guiGridListSetItemData ( gridlist, row, column, data )
guiGridListSetItemText ( gridlist, row, column, text, false, false )

guiGridListGetItemData ( gridlist, row, column ) == nil

Now the other way around:
guiGridListSetItemText ( gridlist, row, column, text, false, false )
guiGridListSetItemData ( cgridlist, row, column, data )

Result (as it should be):
guiGridListGetItemData ( gridlist, row, column ) == data

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2009-06-15 12:46

updater   ~~0009615

This is not the fault of SetItemText, rather you can leave that out and it'll still return nil.

The thing is that the Item on the row/column is created when you call SetItemText, and thus every call with SetItemData/GetItemData will work afterwards. As long as you did not do that, there's no such field in the gridlist, thus the call will fail.

It might be a bit unfortunate that SetItemData always returns true, although it did not set any data.


2014-11-24 16:09

manager   ~~0022594

No test script + very uncommon CEGUI issue + might not even be an issue.

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