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0004383New issuesResourcespublic2011-09-23 13:16
Reporterscarface1994Assigned Toccw 
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Summary0004383: Blur should be disabled in Race.

The GTA blur lags old systems and it's also very annoying so therefore it should be removed in Race by default.

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2009-05-29 16:49

administrator   ~~0009432

Buy a new pc


2009-05-29 16:52

viewer   ~~0009433

Why don't you tell most of the community that?
And not everyone can afford a new PC.


2009-05-29 17:03

viewer   ~~0009434

also clouds/smog are a big culprit. on some races when you go directly through clouds it impairs fps badly. any attempt to ease cloud desnsity would be worthwhile; and im on a fairly good system


2009-05-29 17:04

viewer   ~~0009435

Yes Johnline, I notice that too but isn't that R*'s fault?


2009-05-29 17:07

viewer   ~~0009436

yeah, but they're still driven by timecyc.dat, which should be possible to over-ride with our own settings


2009-05-29 17:07

reporter   ~~0009437

So is the blur, by your logic. As for the main problem, there are several ways of looking at it.

  • Blur should be removed.
  • Blur should not be removed, since it's a part of the game for a reason and is a part of the challenge of high-speed racing.
  • It should be individual.
  • Hell no. Either on for everybody or off for everybody. Anything else would be unfair.

Personally I don't really care, I don't race much.


2009-05-29 17:07

viewer   ~~0009438

Maybe a bind to disable it client side?


2009-05-30 00:09

viewer   ~~0009453

i love the blur, but i hate that my teammates ar bit**n about it. So i think:

  • It should be individual.


2009-05-30 16:26

administrator   ~~0009459

These kinds of settings should go in the video tab of the settings, they're not things that should be removed by default though.


2009-05-31 20:07

administrator   ~~0009478

Last edited: 2009-05-31 20:15

I've never understood why setPlayerBlurLevel is a scripting function. As much as i fought toady and jax to get it into the video tab instead, it never happened. Blur level is purely aesthetic and should be made optional just like any other game.

Really i think its unfair to forcefully disable this to suit Scarface's preferences.


2009-06-04 16:14

viewer   ~~0009512

Talidan, first of all as you may see above it's not just for my preferences and second I also said " Maybe a bind to disable it client side? "

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