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0004260Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasClientpublic2009-05-28 19:20
ReporterTalidan Assigned Tolucasc190  
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Fixed in Version1.0 
Summary0004260: Entering an ambulance as driver gives the player 20hp (carried over from SP)

Entering an ambulance as a driver gives the local player 20hp. This should be removed as it is easily replicated by script - and is much harder to counteract by script than to replicate.

More importantly however, this often triggers the anticheat and gives an autokick. I've experienced this most in Valhalla when bleeding (you slowly lose hp). Perhaps MTA sets a lower element health, then finds the health has magically gone up so triggers the kick.

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2009-05-05 11:38

viewer   ~~0009040

I repoduced this and it kicked me from the game with AC: You were kicked from the game.

I entered the ambulance with my HP set as 99.
Since the origional game only gives you 20HP if your health is less than 100.

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