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0004043Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasClientpublic2009-05-28 19:19
ReportertrjackAssigned ToArc 
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Target VersionFixed in Version1.0 
Summary0004043: Client side peds copy other players on the server

creating clientside peds cause them to run move or attack if another player does, i tested this and 75% of the time it does that

this moving is copying another player.

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2009-03-05 11:46

reporter   ~~0008462

This happens with both client side and server side peds.


2009-03-07 16:12

administrator   ~~0008488

Last edited: 2009-03-07 16:15

Me and Willy have seen this before as well

'"setPedControlState()" only seems to work if there is only one player on the server. Otherwise, they seem to copy the controls of a random player instead.'


2009-04-21 20:17

viewer   ~~0008872

This problem still exists. And now occurs 100% of the time.
Mainly peds on differnt dimensions and distance and interiors.
Make a ped at Binco and teleport to Grove Street and walk and the ped walks....


2009-04-21 20:19

administrator   ~~0008873

Aha, we were in a different dimension when it happened (may have been clientside dimension).


2009-04-21 20:20

viewer   ~~0008874

Last edited: 2009-04-21 20:20

Will anyone fix this or ignore it?

Also its MTA taking control of the peds we thought it was GTASA


2009-04-25 04:09

reporter   ~~0008909

The dimension was set server-side.


2009-04-28 08:34

reporter   ~~0008959

They seem to even copy other peds who have had their control state set. I've noticed them copy players/peds on the same dimension (only streamed out players/peds). They also seem to only copy peds/players that have been streamed in at some point. The same thing is happening with setPedCameraRotation (seems to even copy the same ped that its copying control states from).


2009-04-28 09:06

reporter   ~~0008960

The order the peds were created makes a difference. For example:

Start at point A.
Create (server-side) peds at point B.
Create (server-side) peds at point A.
Peds at point A are fine.
Teleport to point B.
Peds at point B are fine.
Teleport back to point A.
Peds at point A are copying what the peds (or a single ped) at point B were doing last time you saw them.
Teleport back to point B.
Peds at point B are still fine.

"setPedControlState" and "setPedCameraRotation" were both called (in every client) for each (streamed in) ped on "onClientRender".

When I tried this, I was the only player on the server.


2009-05-03 09:21

reporter   ~~0008999

Is it possible that when a ped/player streams out every ped in MTA's pool after it gets out of step when reading the data containing the control states for that ped?


2009-05-03 11:17

reporter   ~~0009000

I'm pretty sure that is what's causing the glitch. They seem to copy peds/players that were created before them and have been streamed out after being streamed in. This was the case EVERY time I've seen the glitch.

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